Our Mission

The Kenneth M Borst Memorial Scholarship Foundation was founded in the wake of the sudden loss of our brother, son and teacher, Kenny Borst, from a tragic fire in his home September 8th 2014.
The foundation hopes to forward Kenny’s legacy by awarding two, $1,000 scholarships each year to those students and parents that would like to give their children, grade school through 12th grade, the special attention that is provided by a private school, but are financially unable to do so. Our recipients will be chosen by application and based upon the applicant’s portrayal of principals that Kenny was instilling in his students, love, honor, respect, work ethic and faith.
It was Kenny’s goal in life to offer his kids the chance of an education that would prepare them for life, to teach them that their hard work and determination would be their back bone and that their faith would be their guide.
Please help our family honor our fallen by making your donation today. You can help us create an opportunity for a child that may not have the chance at a good education, but greatly deserves it.
Thank You